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+;; later if it becomes a hassle we can convert this into a separate
+;; file that we can reload or something
+(local proto (require :lib.proto))
+ :init (proto.table-method :state.init)
+ ;; update is a bit special; it can either return nothing (the state continues
+ ;; as is, and mutated somehow (sorry we're doing things non-purely; i'd like
+ ;; to do them purely but creating tables is slow as heck that'd be ridiculous))
+ ;; or it can return a state that it transitions to automatically
+ ;; game pausing basically works like that: it returns a pause structure with the
+ ;; regular state within its object, and then the pause structure uses that state
+ ;; object to return back to it later. pretty cool!
+ :update (proto.meta-method-opt :state.update)
+ ;; all of the next functions are just. regular love functions, exactly the same
+ ;; i hope
+ :draw (proto.meta-method-opt :state.draw)
+ }