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edward -- ed(1) over IRC

edward is a script to pipe the output of ed(1) or any other command over IRC. It can be used to create a small pair-programming environment or to maintain shared information for a channel.

edward runs a separate instance of ed in each channel. The whole instance is shared between every user in the channel.

installing and running edward

edward requires Lua 5.4, cqueues, luaposix, and an implementation of red, ed in restricted mode.

Copy config.example.lua to config.whatever.lua and edit to taste. Then run:

lua bot.lua config.whatever.lua



edward runs in restricted mode by default, preventing stray file access and shell commands, but otherwise doesn't do anything to prevent users from writing huge files, spamming the output of whatever channel you put it in, etc.


see TODO.


edward is licensed under the GIRLFRIEND PUBLIC LICENSE. see LICENSE.